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Oyster Tasting and Aquaculture Visit

Marinha Passagem is an old Marine of Aveiro that has been recovered and transformed into a place where several bivalves are produced, including oysters, clams and cockles, as well as salicornia and fish.

Here you can enjoy a guided tour throughout this aquaculture, and taste everything that is produced here. The Marinha Passagem also offers several shade and meal spaces, as well as some leisure boats to stroll through these water channels in a more calm and relaxing way.

A variety of packages are offered and include tasting oysters, clams and cockles, sparkling wine tasting, tours for two , fishing in wild fish ponds or just renting the space for an event where you want to get away from the traditional and have a unforgettable moment.

All packages include the round-trip transfer to the Marine as well as the guided tour of space.


  • Individual price: Depending on the activities you want, ranging from € 20 to € 36
  • Special rates for groups of more than 20 people
  • Please, contact us and we will give you all the details.