Aveiro, a city and a region to Feel with us!

What are we? We are far more than a tour company, we are a concept created by people who feel the city and the surroundings in a very particular way. We are an ideal: to provide visitors with an unforgettable experience.

Aveiro is a place of a thousand nooks and corners often only accessible through the eyes of those who know exactly where and what to look for. Our wish is to provide you with that authentic and enriching perspective and to give you full access to the region’s many treasures.

Feel Aveiro is, in our view, to feel the region as the locals feel it. It is an escape to the routine and monotony of everyday life through different tours, which cover several points not to be missed in the central region of Portugal.

Either by the immense and delicious gastronomic offer, the beautiful white sandy beaches, the beautiful channels, the exuberance of Bussaco, the Arouca freshness or the flavors of Bairrada, Aveiro is a city to Feel with us!